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Hope and Vaseline back issues
This is what you want...this is what you get. Everyone's favorite NIN magazine Web page in all its original low-tech glory -- scratchy and uncolorized, the best-fashioned way.

The Official Nothing Records Home Page
Well, almost. Still closed for construction, but keep watching that space. And watch out for those falling beams!

The Unofficial Nine Inch Nails Home Page
Jason Patterson's standard-setting Webpage, as seen on MTV. Listed in the Top Five Percent of all Web sites by Point Communications. Also featured in Axcess, Entertainment Weekly, and Wired magazines, and on CFNY Radio 102.1 (Canada). A must-have link for all NINcompoops.

Absence of Faith: A Nine Inch Nails Page
Not just another NIN page in a Web full of them -- the CPUnut's site, with a four-star rating in Magellan, is must-see material, not to mention one of the few places on the NINternet to offer reviews and download times for other places on the NINternet.

The NIN FAQ Web Page
The very latest version of the NIN Frequently Asked Questions document -- written and edited by Chris Sobczak, Gina Grano, and Dave Parmenter, HTML'd by Erik (Konkers) Gilling.

The NIN Discography Web Page
Trent Reznor's on-line résumé -- written by Mike "Susan" Roston and Paul Vargo, updated and HotTaMaLe'd by Maura Daffern, and now maintained by Alex Fletcher.

Underneath The Skin
Dan Purpura's NIN site is unique in all the NIN sites because it features a VRML version of the discography. (I can't get it to work with my browser, but I trust it's very cool.) It also has a VERY loud sound file on the intro page. Don't pull this up at work!

NIN: La page française
Pour ton page dédiée seulement de Nine Inch Nails en français. Avec une histoire breve de NIN, des images, et des traductions des chansons. Un film de Laurent Caron. Les français ont un mot pour ça (mais des Canucks l'aime bien, aussi!).

Charlie Clouser
Oh my yes. Renowned synthmeister/mixmaster/amazing rhythm ace/now official full-time NIN member (some call him...The Shit) gets fan-produced home page of very own. Mr. Pink made this. Share and enjoy.

The Other NIN Home Page
Pulp Fiction's page has lots of cool content. It's also the new home of Jerry Lawrence's Seething Animosity, an exhaustive list of live-import sightings (many of which are neither live nor imported, but you can't use the B-word, can you?). Read the reviews before you pay through the nose for a piece of crap and end up not only ripped off but feeling really, really dirty inside.

Matt Hartley's Complete Nine Inch Nails Bootleg List
A thorough chronological rundown of available recordings -- featuring dates, venues, and (here's the important part) known duplicates. SURF REPORT: The new URL for Matt's page is The page's former home, Rensselaer Polytechnic's RPInfo server (rpinfo.its), will give you a "cannot connect" message. Update your bookmarks. Good night and thank you.

The Broken Movie
Is curiosity killing you? Melissa Fehrs has devoted an entire page to the Broken movie featuring video stills, summary, and quiz. Enter if you dare.

The Home Page Home Page
Links out the yinyang to the personal (some more so than others) Web sites of a.m.nin dorks. Add your URL and become an elitist motherfucker yourself. Created by one Patrick (Berry, a.k.a. Mr. Orange), expanded and maintained by another (Miller, a.k.a. Eraser).

The Really Official Home Page Of #nin
All hands on deck! It's back, badder than ever and scary as all hell. Web Central for the Net equivalent of NIN CB 500 percent bigger! A TypeZero/Blackrose coproduction.

#amnin...The Homepage
For everyone who just can't get enough of the NINnie on Usenet alone. More from the sickest fucks on Earth, brought to you by Little Maura Sunshine. NOTE AGAIN: Moggie's provider keeps giving a "cannot connect" message (the little tease). Some #amnin info is available at

The Broken Halo
Another page with value-added bonuses: an ongoing Top 20 poll, regular contests, and NIN sound files for use with Duke Nukem 3D. Craig Sturdivant welcomes visitors not named Bob Dole, and has even provided a guest book for them. Stop on by.

The NIN Collectors' Forum Page
In the farthest reaches of the uncharted Canadian wilderness (okay, Ontario) stands this Net trading post for all things NIN. Features lists, links, and a humongous articles and interviews archive. Created and maintained by Dan Eagleton.

Ringfinger: The Complete Nine Inch Nails Sitelist
Irman (Armand) Hilmi's staggeringly complete collection of NIN links, conveniently sorted by type. Straight outta Saga University, Japan, and soon to appear on The Official Nothing Records Home Page.

The NIN Music Archive
The most complete collection of NIN music files on the Net, according to Vecna at Corrosion Industries, who created this page, and he sounds so certain that I must believe him. Many MIDI and S3M sequence files, plus DOOM .wads, audio MPEGs of hard-to-find songs and remixes, and honest-to-God accurate guitar tablatures (including -- WAIT for it! -- the bass line and transition for "now i'm nothing/terrible lie"). Go get it.

Nails In My Head
Matt (Leviathant) Dunphy's box full of original NIN remixes. May be the only NIN sounds page of its kind. And there's more, besides! Check it out.

The Alternating Currents MIDI Home Page
A storehouse for downloadable NIN and other MIDI files (formerly known as the Tube of Goo Musical Collection). Maintained by Chris Roy at Tulane University.

The Official NinCon International Web Site
All the news on's annual party weekend, with FAQ, photos, and an on-line R.S.V.P. form. CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTICE: Hit this page at from now on.

The Anti-NIN Page
Satire or found humor? Who cares? Laugh, it's funny.

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* ANTHROPOLOGICAL NOTE: The University of Nevada no longer hosts the Online Guitar Archive. This link leads to UUNET Technologies' OLGA mirror site in Falls Church, Virginia. Nevada's FTP site provides a list of alternate and overseas OLGA mirrors; you can find it at

Mailing lists

Dan Eagleton's posting list for NIN traders. To subscribe, follow these steps:

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America Online files

Use GoTo Keyword FILE SEARCH and click on ALL DATES, ALL CATEGORIES. Type (NIN) in the text box at the bottom. Finds .WAV files of NIN songs and demos, some GIF/BMP/JPEG picture files, and other stuff.

Other Nothing artists

The UnOfficial Nothing Records Home Page
Even more of those little spinnin' GIFs at a page dedicated to all the Nothing bands. A handy list of links to multiple sites. Brought to you by the auteur of Marilyn Manson: Diary of a Dope Fiend (see below).

Mailing lists

A list for discussion of any and all Nothing bands. Here's how to score:

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All questions go to Tim (Boss Hogg) Ballard at

The Coil Home Page
Discography, interviews, and an exhaustive compilations and collaborations source list. A Magellan three-star site. Maintainer Bertòk Attila has gotten this site mirrored on the Internet Underground Music Archive Europe server in London -- this link reflects that, since the download is faster on most connections. But the page still lives at the address in Hungary, too:

Marilyn Manson: Diary of a Dope Fiend
Valan's page features a discography, sound and video clips, and much more. Coolest section: the one with words (and .WAVs) for all the backward-masked parts in various Manson songs. Wicked! I'm sold.

Dave's Marilyn Manson Home Page
Dave Svach's site features many files from Kris (Ned) Maling's and Paul Thompson's late, lamented Home Page ov Fuck. Includes beaucoups de concert pictures and a whole lotta links, many of which are out of order. (Oh well.) Reviewed in Magellan, and they don't talk to just anybody. Enjoy yourself.

Other MM Netstuff:

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The Meat Beat Manifesto Home Page
Visit Net goddess Gnat Hammerstrom's official site for all the latest info on Jack Dangers' gang. (MSTies, please note the splash-page still from This Island Earth. "C'mon, honey, give yer Uncle Scrotor a hug!")

The PIG Home Page
Christopher Foldi's wild, wild Web site devoted to Raymond Watts (also, sometimes, of KMFDM, Steroid Maximus, and still there's more).

PWEI Nation
An officially unofficial home page for Pop Will Eat Itself -- maintained by Jon Van Oast at Stanford University and jam-packed with "alarmingly high levels of 100% PWEI Fan Product." (Wear sunglasses.) Yet another Magellan three-star site. (Damn, you people are good!)

Other Poppies-related resources:

Managed by the lovely and versatile Pat Berry (PWEI Barmy Army, Chico [CA] Chapter). To subscribe, send an e-mail message in the following format:

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PRICK w e b
A new site that's taking up where Kal Shobaki's original unofficial home page left off (and to include many of Kal's original files). Includes the home page for IRC #prick. Some links aren't operational yet, but honchos Mark Robinson and Nathan DeWitt are workin' on it.

Also available (in some areas):

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