i'm kt, and there's something i have to tell you:

i make the editorial decisions.
if it's offensive, complain to me.

i make the final design decisions and most of the graphics.
if it's ugly, complain to me.

i build the links and load the page.
if it doesn't work, complain to me.

by the way, the rights to all published materials belong to the individual contributors.
so ask their permission before you pilfer their work.

additional credits:

video GIFs and knockouts created using MPEGs downloaded from jason patterson's unofficial nine inch nails homepage.

some non-nin-related tiling backgrounds in previous issues courtesy of ender's realm graphics and the NCSA Mosaic homepage at the university of illinois at champaign-urbana.

groovy graphics-derived background, text, and link colors in this and previous issues obtained using the BEACHRaT RGB-to-hex converter. i just wanted to mention it while i had the opportunity, because this is my favorite utility anywhere, for any amount of money, only it's free. wow.

the quake-related discussions were originally posted to the rec.games.computer.quake.misc, rec.music.industrial, and alt.music.nin newsgroups. the night of nothing comments were originally posted to the alt.music.nin, rec.music.industrial, and alt.fan.pop-eat-itself newsgroups. some messages were mailed directly to hope and vaseline at hnv@nin.net and are reprinted with permission. some posts were edited for grammar, syntax, length, and topical relevance, and posting order was rearranged in some instances to preserve the clarity of a discussion thread. no posts were edited based upon the opinions expressed therein, nor of the form that expression took.

the fiend on american mcgee's page was originally ko'd by andy venkman.

special thanks to naoto arakawa and his sucking fish.

now read the general disclaimer, please and thank you.


hope and vaseline -- hnv@nin.net