Everything I ever needed to know I learned
from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Y'know, Hope and Vaseline is a little like the Hitchhiker's Guide: Just remember, don't panic! (And don't accept poetry from anybody. Especially Vogons.) For 1996, we've decided to make some changes -- nothing huge, but we want to introduce some features to better serve the Net community at large.

One of those features is For Your NINformation, a new column by yours truly. On this bimonthly page, I intend to find the real information behind some of the NIN-related rumors floating around on the Web and in various newsgroups -- plus links to other pages in case anyone out there wants to know more.

This is our Post-Holiday Clearance Mega-BFPT issue -- and it's a hoot! There are things here you may have not seen since they originally appeared on the newsgroup, including background on some of your favorite parodies. And, yes...the definition of BFPT is in there somewhere. (Hey, I had to ask what it meant, too...but that was a long time ago. [G]) And check out another new feature, "Letters To The Editors Of...". Feeling frustrated because Keyboard, Spin, The Village Voice, et al., never publish your comments? Send them to us and we'll do it! Of course, we can't guarantee replies...but hey, at least somebody will see your hard work and opinions. This month we bring you M.C. Death's letter to the editor of Keyboard. What can I say, other than that Death really knows how to tell it like it is.

Mystery Nine Inch Theater 3000 also makes a madcap return -- in this installment, the "head like a hole" video finally gets what it deserves. From the Valentine's Day Is Hell department comes the story of Cthulhia's Infinite Halo postcards. And, as always, watch out for those bonus tracks...you never know where they'll turn up.

Our next issue marks our first anniversary; we've been here for a year and are still going strong. We want to thank all our contributors for their support -- and if you have anything you'd like to send in, do it now! We are preparing our anniversary issue at this moment, so get those submissions in soon. (Hint, hint.)

There's a lot in here...so you'd better get started. Enjoy!

Lisa Livingston

Our bloody valentines.