self-aggrandizing copyright information I've avoided including until I can do so no more (and a statement for the record about who owns what):

The design, layout, and all uncredited text on all pages in this issue and all previous issues of hope and vaseline are © 1995, 1996 by Kathleen Tibbetts. All manipulations of stills, photos, and pre-existing logo art, official or otherwise, as well as all NIN-related and non-tiling backgrounds, were created by me. I take full responsibility for any and all offensive word and/or photo choices encountered within these pages under the aforementioned circumstances. (And I don't share credit with my HTML editing program because I don't use one. Sorry about that, chief.)

Rights to all published materials belong to the individual contributors.

Credit Where It's Due Department
(just so no one gets the idea that I'm
claiming every damn thing on this page):

Original hope and vaseline logo and "n" buttons were created by Lee Croft.

NIN video GIFs and knockouts were created through the use of MPEGs downloaded from Jason Patterson's Unofficial Nine Inch Nails Homepage.

Tiling backgrounds courtesy of Ender's Realm Graphics and The NCSA Mosaic Homepage
at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

The groovy graphics-derived background, text, and link colors in this and previous issues were obtained using the BEACHRaT RGB-to-hex converter. I just wanted to mention it while I had the opportunity, because this is my favorite utility anywhere, for any amount of money, only it's free. Wow.

While you're still here, you might as well know all of it, so please read our general disclaimer.

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