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Hope and Vaseline back issues
This is what you want...this is what you get. Everyone's favorite NIN magazine Webpage in all its original low-tech glory -- scratchy and uncolorized, the best-fashioned way.

The Unofficial Nine Inch Nails Home Page
It's alive! Jason Patterson's standard-setting Webpage -- as seen on MTV. Recently listed in the Top Five Percent of all Web sites by Point Communications, this page also received a perfect four-star rating in The McKinley Internet Directory. Also featured in Axcess, in Entertainment Weekly, and on CFNY Radio 102.1 (Canada). A must-have link for all NINcompoops.

The NIN FAQ Web Page
Always the latest version of the NIN Frequently Asked Questions document -- written and edited by Chris Sobczak and Gina Grano, HTML'd by Stephen (Mr. Self Destruct) Rapp.

The NIN Discography Web Page
Trent Reznor's on-line résumé -- written by Mike "Susan" Roston and Paul Vargo, maintained and HotTaMaLe'd by Maura C. "is for Canada" Daffern (winner of the H&V "Name That Netzine" competition and owner of a current Favorite Entry in CFNY's H ome Page contest).

Seething Animosity
Jerry Lawrence's exhaustive list of live-import sightings (many of which are neither live nor imported, but you can't use the B-word, can you?).

The Home Page
Bill (Interphase) Hyatt's brainchild and ongoing project. Pictures, parodies, delurks, and more from The Newsgroup Most Likely To Spontaneously Combust.

The Home Page Home Page
Links out the yinyang to the personal (some more so than others) Websites of a.m.nin dorks. Add your URL and become an elitist motherfucker yourself. Created by one Patrick (Berry), expanded and maintained by another (Miller).

The Official Home Page Of #NIN
"We do more chatting before 10 a.m. than most people do all day." It's true, you know. Web Central for the Net equivalent of NIN CB radio, as compiled and maintained by Andy (SoulVac) Maskin and John (SayTan) Landy.

#amnin...The Homepage
For everyone who just can't get enough of the NINnie on Usenet alone. More from the sickest fucks on Earth, brought to you by Little Maura Sunshine.

The NIN Collectors' Forum Page
A Net trading post for all things NIN, brought to you by Canada's Dan Eagleton.

Robert Rose's NIN Links Page
One of the most comprehensive lists of NIN links on the Net.

The Tube of Goo Musical Collection Home Page
A storehouse for downloadable NIN MIDI files. Maintained by Chris Roy of Tulane University.

The Official NinCon International Web Site
All the news on's annual party weekend, with FAQ and on-line R.S.V.P. form.

The Anti-NIN Page
Satire or found humor? Who cares? Laugh, it's funny.

News and discussion groups

FTP sites

Mailing lists

Dan Eagleton's posting list for NIN traders. To subscribe, follow these steps:

Send an e-mail message to
Subject: collect
No message body is required. Subscribe messages are answered automatically. To unsubscribe, send a message with the subject: leave.

America On-Line files

goto keyword FILE SEARCH and click on ALL DATES, ALL CATEGORIES. Type in the text box at the bottom. Finds .WAV sound files of NIN songs and demos, some GIF/BMP/JPEG picture files, and other stuff.

Other Nothing artists

Nothing In Common
Jeff Donahue's page devoted to Nothing Records -- handy links to band-related sites.

The Coil Home Page
Discography, interviews, and an exhaustive compilations-and-collaborations source list. A Hungarian page owned and maintained by Bertòk Attila.

The Grinder Books and Recordings Web Site
The official home page for Trust Obey. (Be on the lookout for Hands of Ash, their first full-length recording for Nothing.) Trust Obey is John Bergin with James O'Barr and Brett Smith. (John's artwork is all over this site. Very cool.)

The Unofficial Marilyn Manson Home Page
Also the official home page for the Marilyn Manson Mailing List and the FAQ of Fuck. Another perfect four-star page in The McKinley Internet Directory, created by Kris (Ned) Maling at York University-Canada and now managed by Paul Thompson at UCLA.

Other MM Netstuff:

The list is available in two forms: standard mailing-list format (i.e. individual messages) and in a digest version, with posts compiled in one document.

To subscribe, follow these steps:

For the standard list: Send a message to
Subject: (leave this blank)
Message body: subscribe SpookyKids (your name as you want it to appear)
(i.e.: subscribe SpookyKids Roald Dahl)

For the digest: After you get a message confirming your subscription, mail listproc again:
Subject: (leave this blank)
Message body: set SpookyKids mail digest

Any questions? E-mail Tim "Vegelicious" Adkins at

PWEI Nation
A now officially unofficial home page for Pop Will Eat Itself -- maintained by Jon Van Oast at Stanford University and jam-packed with "alarmingly high levels of 100% PWEI Fan Product." (Wear sunglasses.)

Other Poppies-related resources:

Managed by the lovely and versatile Pat (Mr. Orange) Berry (PWEI Barmy Army, Chico [CA] Chapter). To subscribe, send an e-mail message in the following format:

Subject: (leave this blank)
Message body: subscribe pwei-l (Your Name as you want it to appear)
(i.e.: subscribe pwei-l Ilona Stoller)

To send a message to the distribution, mail to

Questions about the new list may be sent to vice-brigadier Pat Berry at

The Unofficial Prick Home Page
For all those who went to the NIN/Bowie concert and came away Prick fans...a site dedicated to Mr. McMahon. Newish, but expanding rapidly. Proprieter Kal Shobaki says stop by and say hey.

Also available (in some areas):

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