How to be a pathetic camp-following NINnie

(or, "it's a dirty job -- but somebody gets to do it")

Y'know, being a pathetic camp-following NINnie (yes, I stole that from Nancy of Ambrewsia and I freely admit it) is a really tough job. The various members of the hard-working and fast-driving Hope and Vaseline staff have worked their little tail feathers off for this issue. The majority of us attended both the Dallas and Austin shows. All I can say is, I have a new respect for any band that puts themselves through that on a regular basis. We were on the road for only three days, and it was exhausting. Of course, I had to drive, too. (A word of warning: If you see a blur of a woman with a devilish twinkle in her eye, a maniacal grin on her face, and she passes you at a hundred and ten on the highway in Texas, it's probably KT.)

In this issue, we have all sorts of fun things for your perusal. All the Prick/NIN/Bowie concert reviews -- featuring exclusive photos -- plus a few extras that you might find highly amusing. We have Michael Heumann's dissertation on Entertainment Through Pain, Taylor McLaren's thoughts on the broken movie, and other ideas about what makes art. Plus all our usual silliness, including the first appearance of Mystery Nine Inch Theater 3000 -- which, in all likelihood, will become The Serial That Would Not Die.

So, into the fun house with you now, dear reader...and when in Texas, watch out! You may be on candid AssCam (tm)!

lisa livingston

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